Thank you!

A double takedown of a thank you from our tag team to yours!

2023 threw more suplexes at us than The Undertaker in Wrestlemania 13, but you, our incredible customers, clients, freelancers, and vendors, were in our corner keeping us in the fight.  Like the Hulkamaniacs to Hogan, Jerichoholics, Mizfits, or The Undertaker’s Creatures of the night, our fanbase keeps us going and we are very grateful.

Let’s check the 2023 scorecard for some highlights:

  • Louisville Studio: OHD Studios came into the Kentucky market with a Stone Cold Stunner celebrating the grand opening of their Louisville location. This ring’s ready for epic shoots, top rope creative and legendary throwdowns.
  • Chapman Super PeeWee IV Dolly: This bad boy joined our gear stable, ready to suplex cameras into cinematic submission. Prepare for crane shots that’ll make Randy Orton jealous!
  • Local Production Piledriver: Our Virtual Production stage and Bolt Cinebot saw more action than a Royal Rumble! You, our local filmmakers, brought the fire, and the level of production in our towns is skyrocketing faster than Rey Mysterio’s 619. X 

But 2024? Buckle up, Jabronis, it’s gonna be a five-star, no holds barred, main event! Bigger budgets, bolder stories, and enough hype to electrify the Las Vegas Sphere. Ohio and Kentucky are about to become bigger than Wrestlemania 38 and the 2001 Royal Rumble combined!!

So, from the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU! We’re pumped for what’s next, and can’t wait to keep churning out cinematic stunners, sharing backstage laughs, and choke-slamming mediocrity with you.

P.S. Watch out for big announcements soon! We’ve got surprises that’ll make you go, WOOOOO like Ric Flair!

OHD FAM, let’s make 2024 legendary! This year, we’re not just aiming for the main event, we’re headlining the whole damn PPV!

Keep it loud, keep it bold, keep it OHD!